Why work with stratim essentials?

Be your
own boss

Feel like taking a few days off or working extra hard? The choice is yours with our flexible work hours.

Flexible hours and
no backseat drivers

Looking to work full-time or supplement your current income? Working with STRATIM Essentials can help you achieve your financial goals.

Every day
is different

Do you like variety in your workday? Because STRATIM Essentials delivers a variety of services, you could be driving a Tesla one day.

STRATIM technology powering fleets and vendors

What is STRATIM Essentials?

STRATIM Essentials is a vehicle transportation service, optimized by technology. Our drivers move vehicles from A to B powered by the STRATIM Workforce App.

How it works?

  1. Applyto become part of the STRATIM Essentials Team
  2. Completethe on-boarding modules and become verified
  3. Downloadthe STRATIM Essentials Workforce App
  4. Choosewhen you want to work
  5. Get assignedtasks and start earning money


  • Age 21 and over
  • Valid driving license
  • Clean background check & DMV record
  • Ability to work in one of cities we operate in
  • And, of course, a positive, upbeat attitude!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this another rideshare company?

    No! STRATIM Essentials is a fleet and mobility services company. Our workforce will be driving and transporting vehicles for our clients, similar to a driveaway service. There will be no need to rack up miles on your personal vehicle.

  • How will I travel between jobs?

    Each job varies in distance and location. You may be transporting one vehicle for 5 miles, and the next, 50! Our team of logistics coordinators will utilize a combination of our network of shuttles and public transportation to suggest the most efficient route.

  • How many hours can I work each week?

    As much as you want! Although our volume is concentrated during certain hours to avoid rush hour traffic, our operating hours are flexible and available for you to grab throughout the day.

  • How often do I get paid?

    Payouts are distributed through direct deposit each week.

  • Who can I contact if I need assistance during a job?

    Our team of logistics coordinators are available to assist through a direct chat messaging platform, Slack. We will always have your back!